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Why be in pain when there is something that may help?  Many people find relief using these wonderful soft tissue techniques, and they are suitable for anyone from the old, the young, babies, sports people, pregnancy, chronically sick or those wanting to de-stress.

I use a combined therapeutic approach of gentle bodywork using BOWEN Therapy, the EMMETT TechniqueNST  and  MSTR.   This stimulates the body’s own ability to re-align tissues, reduce pain and tension and improve general health.

I specialise in releasing SCAR TISSUE using MSTR, which a recently published study shows positive results. 

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How can BOWEN Therapy help you?

These gentle, non-invasive techniques can help alleviate pain and discomfort.  People from all walks of life, suffering with many conditions, can find they feel better, have more energy and an improved sense of wellbeing.  I have helped hundreds of people feel easier about their health challenges.  Many clients find significant relief after one session, returning for regular balance a few times a year. 

As a gentle touch therapy it compares well to osteopathy, chiropractic and physiotherapy, and has been referred to as ‘soft-tissue osteopathy’ in Australia where it was first practiced.  We are looking for change as the body’s tensions are eased, and as a holistic way of working Bowen helps the body make positive changes which aid the healing response powerfully.

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Professional standards

Cathy belongs to the BTPABowen Therapist’s Professional Association, an independent organisation which provides ethics and codes of practice

Your Health is Important

An overall balance of health is essential for a happy life.  Cathy will always endeavour to provide you with good quality care, and refer you on if necessary.

High Success Rate

Increasing numbers of valid research projects are showing a high success rate for Bowen Therapy.   Professionals and public alike are recognising how valuable this therapy is.


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A Doctor’s View

“BOWEN is one of the most useful skills I have learnt since I started working as a GP in 1985.  Several years ago while suffering from sciatica I was lucky enough to have a friend who offered to help me with a new technique she had learned – BOWEN.  I obtained quick and longstanding relief and decided to learn the technique for myself. … In every surgery I encounter many musculo-skeletal problems and injuries.  It is very satisfying to give patients quick relief when they have longstanding problems.  The technique is incredibly gentle so no harm can come even to babies or frail elderly patients. …  If you don’t know who your local BOWEN Practitioners are, I would recommend you find out!”

Claire Pickin, GP — South Warwickshire

Shoulder / neck / back pain

“I had long suffered with shoulder / neck / back pain originating from a car accident many years ago, and triggered by my love of horse-riding and in my capacity as a farmer’s wife.  I have had numerous lengthy treatments of osteopathy and physiotherapy which helped initially, but each time, after a period of weeks, my symptoms always returned.  After a chance meeting with Cathy, I decided to try her style of therapy.  Session one was decidedly strange in an emotional, rather than physical way, but after a couple of days I noticed definite improvement.  Two more sessions followed with my pain lessening each time.  Eleven months later I am still absolutely pain free all of the time.  I keep waiting for a reoccurrence and there is none!”

Isabella Edwards

Lower back and pelvic pain

“I have suffered with back and neck pain for many years following a number of car accidents.  My pelvis had also become twisted following a skiing holiday.  I visited Cathy following a 12 hour spasm in my lower back/pelvis area.  I had not been able to stand, walk or lie down in any position for more than a few minutes.  Following session my problem areas felt massively improved and after 24 hours I suffered no further pain at all.  During the treatment Cathy explained what she was doing and why.  I could actually feel the muscles releasing around my pelvis / lower back area.  Instant relief – very impressive!”

Tina — Stoke Golding


“I have curvature of the spine (scoliosis) and was told nothing could be done other than pain killers.  Then I heard of BOWEN Therapy from Australia, found Cathy and the therapy, and the rest is history.  They keep me well and comfortable – thank you!”

Maisie — Leicester


“The first time I met Cathy, she put me at ease.  I have been suffering from fibromyalgia for many years, and a lot of stress the last 3 years.  After my first treatment, I felt very relaxed. Over the next few treatments, my muscle aches and fatigue were greatly helped by BOWEN Therapy and the advice Cathy gave me in helping my stress levels.  I can highly recommend BOWEN Therapy.”

Issy — Clarendon Park

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