What Is BOWEN Therapy?

The BOWEN Technique is gentle bodywork that aims to restore the body to balance, safely and effectively easing many common health conditions.  The therapist uses thumb and fingers in a precise ‘rolling’ movement at specific points and so stimulates the flow of electricity in a unique way.  This allows the body’s natural healing processes to take place and encourages it to balance the structure and all the systems too.

Theory and application

How does it work?

There are many theories and good explanations of how BOWEN works. We believe it releases the three­-dimensional lattice of tissues known as ‘fascia’ which wraps around all bones, blood vessels, and organs like sandwich wrap in deep and superficial layers.  The body can function better because the structure is eased of any tension. 


Australian called Tom Bowen was a gifted therapist with no formal training.  He had an amazing ability to see tensions in the body and found a way of releasing them quickly. At the time of his death in 1982, he was seeing around 13,000 clients a year. The technique brought to the UK in the early 1990s and since then it has grown enormously in use around the world.  It is gaining recognition as a therapy in its own right because it often works where other therapies have failed.

Ready to Feel Better?

Don’t delay! Take control of your health now. There is so much that can be done to prevent ill health and I can help you find your ideal solution.

The BOWEN Technique is not intended to replace or substitute any medical advice or treatment. It is recommended that you consult your General Practitioner about any health concerns