Back Pain and Falling on your Bottom

Have you have ever fallen on to your backside on a hard surface such as concrete? If you have then you will know just how painful this can be.  You may have fallen a long time ago in the playground at school and forgotten about it.   This could be the reason why you are having pain elsewhere now.


The Coccyx

The bone at the base of the spine is known as the coccyx.   It can be bruised, dislocated, and in some cases fractured as a result of trauma.  Pain and discomfort in the coccyx is known as ‘coccydynia’.  Often the pain and discomfort eventually goes away, although it can be necessary to seek medical care if in doubt.


Injury Due to Falls

A fall on the coccyx can lead to much longer term complications that may seem unconnected.  Trauma can destabilise the pelvis and coccyx and is painful and debilitating.  Muscles, ligaments and tissue can set up patterns of compensation.  This can lead to sudden onset of back pain years later.  Other areas of the body may be affected too, such as the pelvis, upper back, neck, shoulders and the jaw.If you have fallen down the stairs, find it difficult to sit down, have resorted to continual pain-killers for your back pain, there just may be other options out there to help.

The ligaments in the tailbone area are very sensitive and damage to them can cause considerable pain.

Get yourself checked out by an experienced body worker who can read the story body is telling.

BOWEN Therapy is highly successful is helping return the deep structure of body tissues to their optimum, and easing pain.


Check Your Health

It is always important to have a trauma injury checked by a medical doctor, particularly if you have unusual signs afterwards such as numbness, an increase in swelling or pain, weakness in the legs, issues with the bladder or bowel.