Neurostructural Integration Technique (NST)

NST is a soft tissue therapy, designed to remove pain, physiological dysfunction and even psychological imbalances, by restoring the structural integrity of the body.

This remarkably effective spinal integration technique was developed by Michael Nixon­Livy from Australia.  It owes it’s beginnings to the Bowen Technique and is believed by some to reflect Tom Bowen’s work in later life.   It is currently taught in 15 different countries around the world.

Theory and application

How does it work?

The Neurostructural Integration Technique employs a series of very gentle but specific moves to the body. Initially, the body responds by becoming extremely relaxed providing a window of opportunity for various spinal, somatic, cranial, and autonomic reflexes to be activated.  During this process, the body attempts to return to its optimal structural position, and sets in motion very powerful corrective energy flows.  These activate the lymphatic and blood systems bringing about a very positive therapeutic effect.  This is known as ‘auto­regulation’ and may take anywhere from one to five days to complete.

Who is the treatment for?

Although NST has been used for many health conditions in any age group, it is highly regarded for its aims in effectively resolving structural conditions including back pain, neck pain, shoulder and wrist pain, knee and ankle pain, accident and sporting injuries.


*(NST is well known in other European countries where front­line healthcare professionals are training in it. Countries where NST is currently taught include: Australia, Belgium, Canada, England, France, Germany, Ireland, Israel, Italy, New Zealand, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland, USA).

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