Neck Pain

Why are the Scalenes so ignored?  Well, they are hard to release and there are a number of them within each section.  They also run very deep.  However, they can be the cause of major pain and restriction.  Emotional pain can affect them too.



Whiplash is a common cause of neck pain and muscular tension.  The scalene muscles are trying to protect the head and brain when the sudden trauma of whiplash occurs.  The origins of these muscles are deep, close to the base of the skull, and they attach to the top 2 ribs.  Whiplash, falls, sprains etc, all may spring these muscles into severe, long-lasting spasm.



All too often I see people with unresolved back pain which has started in the neck right here.  They protect the head and brain as well as aid rotation and flexion.  They are missed by many therapies, but release of them can solve long-term, significant pain.  BOWEN Therapy can help release tensions that may have been caused by the whiplash injury.