Professional Standards

The Complementary & Natural Healthcare Council announce the publication of the Professional Standards Authority’s Accredited Register Report to Ministers. The report showcases the work of a number of CNHC registrants and calls for a new model of health and care focused on prevention and wellbeing.

In a press statement Professional Standards Authority Chief Executive Harry Cayton stated:

“We all know we need to deliver new, innovative ways to improve people’s health. The NHS is re-examining the way it delivers services and is exploring new models of integrated care better-suited to today.  That means looking beyond the traditional confines of our health and care system and the traditional health professions.  The 63,000 practitioners on 17 Accredited Registers covering 25 occupations must be part of that, offering different approaches to care which commissioners can choose with the confidence that they are competent and safe.”

Safety of the Public

Natural Healthcare has a lot to offer the public.  Educating people that well educated and competent practitioners can improve and help preserve health is key to the nation’s health.  BOWEN Therapy practitioners are keen to promote their professional status and ensure that people feel safe.  We have our own professional register to contribute to this, the BTPA (Bowen Therapists’ Professional Association)